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A virtual event delivered by the Employee Ownership Association, offering engaging learning and insightful discussions on what good business and employee ownership (EO) succession looks like – for individuals, businesses and the UK economy.

The EOA has curated EO Boost to offer EOA members, other EO businesses, those exploring employee ownership and other interested stakeholders, the opportunity to top up or gain more current knowledge and insight about employee ownership in the UK in 2020.

The EOA would like to thank employee ownership experts and advocates J Gadd Associates and Postlethwaite for their headline sponsorship, which supports the aim of making EO Boost 2020 accessible to the widest audience possible, free of charge. We also would like to thank supporting sponsor Mott MacDonald.


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Why EO?

Evidenced as driving better governance and oversight, increased productivity via engaged employees and rooting jobs in regions for the longer term and being more resilient in a crisis, EO in the UK is more relevant than ever to an economy and society that needs to Build Back Better after COVID-19.

Employee ownership is growing as a succession plan for SMEs and family owned businesses with – 50% of the overall growth of the EO sector having taken place since 2017.

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Pick from 18 Free-To-Attend Virtual Sessions streaming live on 24th, 25th and 26th of November 2020; or you can watch any sessions you liked or missed until November 2021 including:

Plus a virtual showcase of expert advisers covering employee ownership transitions, independent trustee services, survey provision and more.

About The EOA

Employee Ownership Association

The EOAis a not for profit, politically independent organisation that represents and supports the development of the £30+bn employee ownership sector. It campaigns to influence, inspire and support UK employee ownership to become more respected, more widespread and more successful. The EOA connects its members with learning and support and works closely with them to champion the sector by sharing their stories, best practise and expertise. To find out how EOA membership could benefit your organisation, email us at [email protected] or call us on 01482 667122.